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My name is Jon Salzmann and I am an Atlanta native residing in Ellijay, Georgia.  After receiving a degree in marketing in 2005 at the University of Georgia, I honed my skills as the in-house marketing "guru" for Winpak, a North American packaging company. 

In 2009 I took on a new opportunity as a contracted marketer for a plastics company in New Jersey.  The success I experienced with this company turned out to be the first step in an exciting new career as a freelance marketer.  I soon realized the value I could bring to businesses and organizations who needed professional marketing help on an as-needed basis and thus started Imageway Marketing in 2009.

Being a business owner is in part what fuels my passion for helping other small businesses and organizations reach their full potential.  To conclude, here are three things you can expect from me:
• Professional and honest communication
• An unyielding work ethic to meet deadlines and surpass expectations
• Dedication to getting results out of your marketing dollars
Social Media Marketing
Professional Design
Internet Marketing & Ecommerce
I work with clients to develop attractive and unique websites that speak clearly to your audience.

Ready to grow your business?  I can help you attract customers and grow sales.

Personalize your brand, interact with customers, and let your fans spread the message!

Custom Solutions
Need help with designing a brochure or developing your corporate identity?  I can help with that too!